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Those that know me or have had to suffer me banging on about Art, Street Art and my own place in it would probably agree that for ages I had started to become a bit disillusioned/frustrated with the whole thing, its been a strange time for me the last couple of years but I've come out of it the other side with a whole new approach and a clear vision on what I'm wanting to achieve with my practice.

I decided some time ago that I was finding social media an unpleasant experience.

Having a kid of me own who is now becoming digitally aware and wanting their own accounts was the final push for me to ditch what I was using and set an example of sorts,

However I'm not so green as to believe that this or any other online platform is different but at least this way it feels calmer and for now at least unfortunately I will still need some digital 'skin in the game'

My aim is to make this site the primary form of digital communication for my work and therefore become less aligned with those platforms, saying goodbye to the usual shite that comes with the socials and concentrating on becoming the artist I want to be rather than the content creator I was slowly becoming.

Moving forward I have more street work coming and will be announcing and communicating any future SOMA359 works from this site as and when it happens,


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