I'm open to sensible offers on my paintings, just reach out via the contact form.

I don't do commissions so just buy an original painting from me and then fake an interesting backstory that fits your need, I won't tell a soul. I might even throw in a personalised message to back you up.

Shipping arrangements will be made with the buyers of larger paintings at the point of sale and paid for separately.

Please allow sufficient time from placing your order for it to be fulfilled, the world doesn't revolve around you Princess, no matter how much you want it too.. I aim to have it with you within a week.

Returns cannot be accepted by me under any circumstances, they cost us both too much money, are wasteful and lazy. I'm not a multi national corporation, I'm just a small online business swimming with the sharks so please ask as many questions beforehand to make sure you're happy before buying.

Any damage incurred to prints and paintings during transit should be taken up with the carrier. Every effort is made to protect your purchase for its perilous journey.

Any issues regarding a garment should be taken up with my provider whose details come with your purchase, I just provide the genius.

Refunds are decided on a case by case basis

I haven't had an issue regarding anything I have sold to date but In the unlikely event that any of the above occurs then you should contact me asap so I can help resolve the issue, your money means everythng  to me, I'm good like that.

I reserve all rights over my work and images, any usage commercial or otherwise is strictly prohibited.